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How It Works


Dear Real Estate Professional…

If you’re searching for an easier, faster and more dependable way to grow your real estate production, to capture more Referrals and Repeats, and to make yourself a “stand-out choice” for real estate services, you’ve come to the right place…

It’s called Service For Life!®, and this “done for you” marketing tool helps end the stress & struggle of getting a steady flow of quality clients, referrals, repeats and great word-of-mouth for your business – all in ONE tool.

You've Come to the Right Place...

Service For Life!® is the World’s First Print, Email & Social Media “Direct-Response Real Estate Newsletter System” that we create FOR you each month, and you Mail, Email or Post (to Facebook®) to your past clients, friends, family, SOI, leads, and high-potential geo farms in just minutes.

But this is no mere “Real Estate Newsletter.”

Each issue of Service For Life!® is engineered with…

  • Welcomed, Valued and Engaging Articles

    “How-To” articles, trivia, tips and humor to motivate the highest readership, get shared virally, and create raving fans for you and your business (it’s NOT all about real estate, and that’s one of its success secrets)…
  • Innovative Relationship-Bonding Strategies

    to truly differentiate yourself and demonstrate your professionalism in the eyes of your clients, prospects and other readers (because people prefer to work with and refer agents they know and trust)…
  • Powerful Referral Programming

    and more than a dozen Direct-Response Opportunities for people to call or email you, refer your services, and do business with you again and again (even helps generate clients before other agents know they exist).

You do almost no work, but everyone will
think you created it yourself

Service For Life!® works “behind the scenes” in your business handling all the essential stay-in-contact and relationship-building tasks required to grow your production.

It helps you capitalize on the most overlooked “invisible asset” in your business – your “Power List” of past clients, friends, family and acquaintances (and even high potential farm areas) neglected by most agents.

The unique strategy behind Service For Life!® is also one of the key success secrets of the world’s Top Salespeople…including the “Greatest Salesman in the World” from the Guinness Book of World Records, and the “#1 REALTOR® in the world” who sold 50-times more homes than the average agent.

Its intentional “down-home look” gets instantly noticed, and creates personal relationship with your readers (even luxury clients!). And our real estate Q&A and Special Report offers position you as a trusted expert in the eyes of your readers.

And while we write it all for you, Service For Life!® is fully customizable to your liking.

Fits Perfectly Into Any Practice or Location...

Your membership comes with an Article Library, custom “Direct-Response” Inserts with helpful offers, Farming Market Analysis, and Templates to promote your listings.

You even get a Sponsorship Tool Kit to help offset mailing costs, a proprietary “Farming Market Analysis” and training, a fantastic Users Guide, videos and a real-live person via toll-free support when you need it.

Service For Life!® fits perfectly into any practice or location, takes just minutes a month to use (we even have a new 1-Minute version and a free Virtual Assistant to help you), and is so easy to use a child could do it.

10 Marketing Tools in One

With so many ways to use Service For Life!®, it’s like having 10 marketing tools in ONE, working like a multi-hundred sales force prospecting for you each month.

Service For Life!® is designed to help grow your production and keep it growing as your Power List grows, but moreover help create stability of client flow and production – faster and easier than ever.

Never Lose A Client, Referral or Repeat Again!

You’ll never again wonder if you’re doing enough to produce new clients, referrals and repeat business, or kick yourself for losing leads and commissions because you didn’t follow-up, stay-in-contact, build relationship and confidence, and demonstrate your unique professionalism and value.

No other real estate newsletter or marketing system comes close. But don’t take my word for it…two people icon

See Comments and Case Studies from our Service For Life agent-members…

See a Sample of both the Print and Email Issues of Service For Life!®…

Or Join our Family of Outstanding Agents currently using Service For Life!® in their businesses…

I look forward to having you as a valuable member of our Service For Life!® agent-family.

Best wishes for your success,

Alex Camelio, CEO
Agent Inner Circle
Publishers of the Service For Life!® Direct-Response Real Estate Newsletter System

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