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Turn-Key Personal Marketing Made By Real Estate Agents, For Your Real Estate Business

Stop Chasing Leads, Forever.

Not knowing where your next commission is coming from can be stressful, so wouldn’t it be great if instead of chasing leads, you were working by referral only? That life is possible with Service For Life!®, and you don’t need to cold call, buy expensive ads, or even expand your contact list to have it.


Breakthrough Prospecting & Marketing for REALTORS®

An All-Inclusive System

Service For Life!® is the complete marketing solution for agents looking to stay connected and top of mind with their sphere of influence. Here's what's inside every subscription:

New Issues Every Month

Fresh, engaging and 100% turn-key content expertly curated, written and designed for you each and every month. Just personalize and send - that's it!

Quick & Easy Customization

We know every REALTOR® likes to put their own spin on things, and even though every issue is automatically personalized with your information, the Efficiency Editor allows you to quickly customize any template in the marketing system to your specific preferences. 

Flexible Sharing Options

Send your newsletter any way you want with our flexible sharing options. Every template automatically generates a print, email, and social version when you save it, so you only need to customize once to share everywhere!

Service For Life!® is the Easier, Faster & More Dependable Way to Grow Your Real Estate Production!

"I couldn’t even imagine working my house list without Service For Life!®. My clients always appreciate the newsletter and actually look forward to receiving their issue. Dollar for dollar this marketing arm always pays big dividends!!"

Blaine T.
REALTOR®, Georgia

"I send the newsletter out to 1,200 homes. At least 85% of my business is a direct result of the newsletter. People call me all the time to tell me just how much they love it."

Susan S.
REALTOR®, Stuart, Forida

"I’ve been in real estate for 15 years, but it wasn’t until about 3 years ago that I started using the Service For Life!® system that my career really started to improve."

Stan B.
REALTOR®, Oregon

"This is not just a well thought-out newsletter, it’s a smart system with several complimentary moving parts."

Eric C.
Real Estate Broker, Ottawa, Ontario

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