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10 Ways To Use Service for Life!®

service for life! Sep 25, 2019

How Service For Life!® Works Like
10+ Tools In ONE To Generate Quality
New Clients, Unlimited Referrals and Consistent Repeat Business. . .

If you’re thinking the “only” way to use Service For Life!® is to spend money on printing and mailing – you’re in for a GREAT surprise!

When I first created it, I engineered it primarily as a prospecting and referral-generating tool for use with your “Power List”. Of course, it’s the best marketing investment you’ll ever make if you mail it – paying off in multiples.

But I never realized I had created a tool so powerful, it’s now being used as 10 OR MORE TOOLS IN ONE by our agents. Here’s how agents are using it…and many of them are spending $0.00…

  • Client-Multiplying Use #1: Generate a Steady, Predictable Stream of New Clients, Referrals and Repeat Business from Your “Power List” (Sphere of Influence) of Clients, Friends, Family and Acquaintances. Your “Power List” is the single most valuable asset you own in your business. Now you can turn that asset into a steady stream of income. Simply mail (or email) Service For Life!® to them monthly (I’ll show how you can do this for FREE shortly), and start harvesting your just share of commissions from this group. Believe it or not, your “Power List” is looking for an agent they can trust – shouldn’t it be YOU?
  • Client-Multiplying Use #2: Finally Own a Powerful Tool to Easily Follow-Up And Convert Leads to Clients. What’s the biggest mistake agents make in their businesses?Jenny Failure to Follow-Up with Leads and Inquiries. The result? Enormous amounts of business are slipping through your fingers. You’re busy, and real estate is a frantic business – so it never gets done. Not any longer – because now it’s DONE FOR YOU.
  • Client-Multiplying Use #3: Prospect and Generate Referrals and Repeat Business from Your Power List for FREE, VIA a Powerful “5-Minute per Month” EMAIL Marketing Program. If you’re on a budget, you can still use it to grow your business – spending ZERO. I’ll give you an html email version of the newsletter with your contact details and photo automatically merged in, so you can email the newsletter to your “Power List” in less than 5 minutes flat. And for FREE!
    When you join our membership system I’ll show you the exact, step-by-step system she uses to generate new clients, referrals and repeat business – including how to build your list, how to send your issues by email, secret email software systems and much more. You simply cannot expect to survive this tough market without this system.
  • Client-Multiplying Use #4: Use Service For Life!® to “Strategic Farm” Your Way to a Larger and Larger Production. There’s a right way and a wrong way to farm, and we’ve cracked the code on how to do it RIGHT. You no longer need to tolerate the dismal response rates from post cards, recipe cards or other “slick” newsletters or “market update” mailings. Use Service For Life!® to “Strategic Farm” and start dominating high-potential farms in your area. Best of all – I’ll provide you with a special “Sponsor Package” (everything you need – done for you) where you can farm properly spending $0.00! Some agents actually MAKE MONEY farming using our Sponsor Package!
  • Client-Multiplying Use #5: Enhance Your Web Sites’ Value by Hosting Service For Life!® on it Each Month. It’s easy and fast to do – just convert your issue to a .pdf and place a simple link on your site. Lee Your clients will love each issue, and it’ll motivate them to return to your site again and again.
  • Client-Multiplying Use #6: Use as a “Secret Weapon” When Manual Prospecting. I don’t usually recommend manual prospecting, but this is the exception. True story: One agent told me she loves to get exercise by walking neighborhoods in the mornings. So she takes copies of her Service For Life!® and uses them as a “hand-out” tool – and generated an average of 5 transactions a month! Now, in months when she mails her issues, everyone knows her and welcomes her newsletter. Brilliant strategy!
  • Client-Multiplying Use #7: Use it as The Most Effective VIRAL Steve Marketing Tool on Earth! You can create viral marketing by placing issues in various public places: retail stores, doctor and dental offices, banks and similar places where potential clients can learn about you. You can also use it as a “Strategic Alliance” tool where other businesses promote your services to their clients and vice versa. And the email newsletter has “Forward To A Friend” links built-in so your network can email their friends your newsletter with just a simple click. Service For Life!® works like a magnet to attract attention, involve readership, and motivate quality prospects to become YOUR clients.
  • Client-Multiplying Use #8: Bill Place Service For Life in Your Listing Info Tubes. You’ll be shocked when you start generating buyers and listings by placing issues in all your listing info-tubes and boxes. Best of all, it costs you less than $20 per month for each listing. The “secret” is to use the “Free Recorded Home Information Insert” (we give you) inside your issue – it’s the best targeted, “almost Free” prospecting you’ll ever do, spending almost no time, no money and no work!
  • Client-Multiplying Use #9: Use with your Listing Presentations and Buyer Team Clayton Packages to Demonstrate Your Commitment, Follow-Up and Professionalism to Your Clients. Here’s a marketing tool no other agents are using – and it works. When you insert your newsletter into your pre-listing and buyer packages, you’re demonstrating you’re a true professional and invested in bringing value to your clients. Nothing differentiates you better than Service For Life!®.
  • Client-Multiplying Use #10: Use as an INSERT Into Local Publications and Become a “Household Name” in Your Area. Diana This surprised me when I first created Service For Life!®, but I have a number of agents who insert it into their local bedroom newspapers and magazines – and their businesses multiplied as a result. There’s no better way to become a household name – and no one else is doing it!

Want More Uses?

Place Service For Life!® next to your listing sign-in sheets as a “take along” for people. They’ll love your content and you’ll be getting Free publicity.

If you hold open houses (or hire others to hold them), place Service For Life!® issues around the home – including private places like bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc. Studies show people will take along materials when they’re NOT placed in a public area.

Deliver issues to community groups to read – they’ll distribute to their members. More free publicity.

You can put Service For Life!® to work in your business in just 2 minutes flat (using our secure server) by Joining Today!


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