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newsletter iconWhat you’re about to see is the world’s first turn-key, direct-response Personal Marketing System scientifically engineered to deepen relationship, position you as a “stand-out agent” and help stimulate ever-growing referrals, repeats and word of mouth for your business – all in ONE tool.

This is truly a breakthrough in prospecting and marketing for real estate professionals, as hundreds of our agent-members will attest.   Service For Life!® is the first of its kind.  We invented the genre nearly 20-years ago, and continued to perfect it into a Print, Email and Social Media platform that’s fast and easy to use in your business.

convo bubbles iconService For Life!® was designed from the ground-up to intentionally look very personal, almost “down home.”   It’s used by all kinds of agents in nearly every specialty and location – including luxury markets.

Your clients, past clients, friends, family, acquaintances (and even some high-potential farm areas) will love reading every issue, pass it along to friends, and think of you as a stand-out professional, bringing on-going value, and demonstrating your follow-through as a “referral-worthy” real estate professional.

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